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Personal Injuries Common on Public Transportation

Personal injuries can happen to anyone at any time. Accidents happen when you least expect them and where you do not normally think they will happen. Every day an unexpected injury occurs on common methods of Georgia public transit, which include the Marta system, buses, trains, taxis, Ubers, and airplanes. In addition, personal injuries occur when using the parking structures, turnstiles, escalators, automatic doors, or stairs which are used to enter or exit the public transportation.

Personal Injuries on Public or Private Transportation

All aspects of public transportation are required to operate with care, diligence, and safety. It does not matter if you are using public transport that is being operated by the state, county, or municipality, or being run through a private corporation or individual owner – Passenger safety is first and foremost. When proper procedures are not followed, repairs are not in order, or drivers are careless, personal injuries can occur which may need to be escalated to a personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Related to Transportation Driver Liability

Specific rules and regulations direct the requirement of public transportation drivers to show proper training, certification, and proper type of license. The conductor on Marta, the driver of a public bus, or Uber drivers as examples all need current licensure and proof of insurance specific to the type, size, and weight of the vehicle they are in charge of. While a driver or conductor may be liable for an accident or injury to a passenger or pedestrian, the state, country, or private entity may also be held responsible for not ensuring their employees had up-to-date certification, proper licensure and continuing education.

Personal Injuries on Public Transportation Affect Pedestrians

While most may associate personal injuries sustained on public transportation to riders, many also occur to pedestrians as well. A pedestrian personal injury is considered a person who is injured before they enter the vehicle. The injury may occur on stairs, curbs, bus stops, escalators, platforms, sidewalks, and within the transportation buildings or outbuildings themselves. These types of injuries also include a pedestrian stuck by a taxi, train, or bus. Negligence of the property, malfunctions, driver error, poor safety signage, poor lighting, and insufficient removal of hazardous situations, are all examples of public transportation personal injuries to those who are not passenger.

Personal Injury on Public Transportation Attorney

If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury as a passenger or pedestrian on public transportation property, call the attorney with the experience and dedication to fight for full compensation of your injuries – Call Joel Baskin for a confidential evaluation of the situation and circumstances of your injury and put him to work for you.

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