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Pokemon Game Distracted Driving Accidents

An interactive Pokemon game for smartphones has inspired many to take to the streets on foot and in cars in search of catching imaginary Pokemon creatures. Since this app was released on July 6, 2016 many people have been enjoying playing this interactive game. The application is free to download and takes the world of gaming on a console out of your home and into the real world.

Car, Pedestrian Accidents & Muggings Befall Pokemon Game Players

In California two Pokemon game players fell off a cliff while playing Pokemon.They were not paying attention to where they were walking. Some players have been mugged while playing the game on foot and not paying attention to their whereabouts or shady individuals near them. In New York a driver, distracted by the smartphone app, drove right off the road and crashed into a tree. A teenager in Pennsylvania walked right out onto a four lane highway trying to catch a Pokemon creature and was hit by a car.

The Pokemon game has been the cause of many different kinds of accidents both minor and serious. It is well known that distracted driving causes accidents, and this interactive smart phone game is one more to add to the list. Other causes of distracted driving include texting, adjusting the radio, eating, disciplining children, rubbernecking, or any activity which takes the drivers attention away from driving.

When you drive distracted you put yourself, other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists at risk. If you must play while driving, it is suggested that you play as a passenger and have a driver who is paying attention to the road.

According to AAA about 5,000 fatalities a year are attributed to distracted driving. This figure does not even include those who suffered serious injuries. The cost of property damage, emotional damage to families and long term medical costs can devastate a family.

Have you been injured in a car accident by a distracted driver? If you were injured by a driver distracted for any reason you should always consult with a personal injury attorney. Your attorney can help you deal with the insurance company and any others who may have been at fault to make sure you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries.

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