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Roundabout & Intersection Accidents in Georgia

The Federal Highway Administration has identified that intersection accidents account for about 1/4 of all fatal accidents and 1/2 of serious injuries. Car accidents at intersections are often high speed impact and T-bone (90 degree) accidents, which cause the serious injuries and fatalities. An answer to this problem appears to be the roundabout.

The Georgia Department Of Transportation has been working to make Georgia’s highways safer through a combination of different technologies and also by installing the roundabout at certain intersections. There were only about 100 roundabouts in our entire nation 16 years ago. The GDOT’s data shows that there are now approximately 309 roundabouts in Georgia, with almost 2/3 of those in the Metro Atlanta area.

Why Are Roundabouts a Safer Alternative?

A roundabout still offers the opportunity for an accident; however, they are considered a much safer alternative to the traditional intersection. This is because the design of the roundabout forces drivers to enter at a slower speed and eliminates cross-traffic turns. Traffic accidents that do happen in roundabouts are at a slower speed of about 20 miles per hour and are often side swipe type accidents instead of T-bone type of accidents.

As are many things in life, people either love roundabouts or hate them. Whatever feelings people may have for the roundabout design, the GDOT statistics are showing that they are reducing the number of serious accidents and fatalities.

Being involved in a car accident of any kind is always very upsetting. But when you are injured seriously or have a fatality involved, it’s much worse. Always consult with a personal injury attorney if you or a family member has been seriously injured in a car accident. Your attorney has your back and will deal with the insurance company and/or any other parties who were responsible for your damages. Your personal injury attorney will take all the steps necessary to insure you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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