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Public Transportation Accidents Bring Law Suit

Going about your normal day can bring unexpected injury due to a public transportation accident, whether as a rider or as a pedestrian. Public transportation accidents are common and include buses, trains, the subway, airplanes, or taxis. No matter if the public transportation is under a state, municipality, county entity, or owned by the private sector, they are all required to operate with the highest degree of care and diligence, putting passenger safety first.

Public Transportation Driver Liability

A driver of public transportation needs to be fully qualified and well trained to the vehicle they are operating. Whether the driver is operating a commercial bus, school bus, shuttle bus, MARTA transport, taxi or medi-van service, they need to hold proper licensure and certification as well as evidence of having completed initial and on-going training. A driver may be liable for an accident or injury, facing further charges if their license or certification is not up-to-date.

Public Transportation Accidents for Pedestrians

Accidents and injury can happen from public transportation mishaps when on the sidewalk or preparing to load the vehicle. For example, injuries resulting from use of the MARTA system include the escalators, stairs, platforms train stops, shuttles, and stairs. Negligence with property, vehicle malfunction, or driver error can all lead to injury or even death.

Public Transportation Accidents Statistics

Deaths are a common event that occurs with public transportation. Planes, trains, and buses carry a large number of passengers and with an accident there can be multiple injuries and deaths. Deaths contributed to trains claim an average of 876 lives a year – the majority of which happen with collisions with pedestrians and highway users. For bus transportation, approximately 40 deaths occurred each year, with 23% related to school buses, 44% to charter buses, 11% with urban transit, and 22% with shuttles and other service buses.

Public Transportation Law Suits

The following are examples of law suits involving injuries sustained in public transport accidents:

  • A $250,000 settlement was awarded concerning a Georgia school bus accident where a child suffered a concussion and serious eye injury when their school bus was rear-ended by another bus
  • An undisclosed settlement amount was made to the family of Patricia Heller who died in a taxi accident when the car slid and crashed during a rain storm; The Georgia Department of Transportation was liable for giving the taxi a passing inspection the day before the accident even though it had bald tires.
  • A jury awarded a $12.5 million dollar verdict for compensation for injuries and lost wages when a public bus rider suffered severe back and neck injuries, requiring extensive surgery, after a bus crashed into his pickup truck. The truck had been pulled over by a law enforcement offer, directed to stop on the side of a street moments before the bus crashed into him.

Public Transportation Accidents Attorney

Liability may be difficult to prove, not to mention the circumstances of the accident that need thorough investigation that can bring all liable parties forward for evaluation of their involvement. You need an attorney with the experience and dedication to bring you full compensation for your injuries and loss.  Call Attorney Joel Baskin for a confidential assessment of your situation and put him to work for you.

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