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Slow Poke Law a Georgia Traffic Offense

Georgia has a traffic law on the books that you may not be aware of. Passed a few years ago, the Slow Poke Law is gathering hundreds of violations a year for surprised motorists. The law was written so that any driver — even ones who might already be at or exceeding the speed limit — must move to the right if traffic behind them is traveling faster and wishes to pass. Even if you are going faster than the speed limit, you still need to move over to let other faster drivers pass.

Slow Poke Law Reasoning

The law was designed to reduce dangerous, aggressive driving and road rage incidents. Even if you are going the speed limit, or faster, you need to move over to let those wanting to drive faster than you go by. You can get a ticket for driving the speed limit in the left lane. Moving over gets you out of the way of speed limit law-breakers and avoids confrontation with them.

State of Georgia Slow Poke Law

The Slow Poke Law is typically written as a traffic offense for impeding traffic flow or for driving at the minimum speed in the left hand lane of the highway. The law directs that no one will drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic except as needed for safe operation of the vehicle. When driving on multi-lane highways the driver in the most left hand lane needs to move over when being overtaken by another vehicle traveling at a faster rate of speed, except when they are preparing for a left hand turn.

Impeding Traffic Flow Citation

Even with education to the public, most people who are stopped and ticketed for driving too slow for the traffic situation report they had no idea that they were committing a traffic offense. While further public education is needed, not knowing about the law is not an excuse to avoiding a ticket.

Traffic Citation Attorney

If you feel unjustly charged with a traffic infraction like the Slow Poke Law, make a call to Attorney Joel Baskin for expert advice and representation for your case. Choose the lawyer with the legal experience and full understanding of the law to be on your side. Call the office today.

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